About us

We’re a young and dynamic team sharing common values, objectives and passions. We wish to support initiatives and businesses that aim to create a better environment for all of us. We value relations, trust and loyalty, and we believe that together we can make a difference by improving strong and valuable businesses and initiatives.

Why we do what we do


We created Brandup Media because we are passionate about what we do. It’s what motivates us every morning and keeps us going.We learn, read, practice and grow every day in the areas in which we operate.


Here at Brandup Media we do not sell anything, we do not want to put pressure on our customers and we never make unreasonable promises. Our desire is to truly help the clients we serve through our expertise.


Our goal is to create a work environment where each of our employees and collaborators can grow and feel like it brings value, is cherished and makes a difference through his work. We believe that work should be a blessing, not a curse!