Digital Diagnosis 360

This is a basic analysis of all your online business promotion initiatives, an examination of the main components, a brainstorming session to find new ideas for promotion and an action plan for you and your team! The objective of this analysis is to find new growing perspectives, relevant for your business.

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6 Benefits for your business



It is an objective analysis, seen from outside of your organization, offering an unaltered perspective of overall promotion efforts.


Competitive discernment

The analysis of the main competitors offers you an up-to-date picture of their positioning.


Fresh Ideas

Following the analysis, you will receive fresh and practical ideas that you can apply immediately.


Constructive feedback

The purpose of the analysis is to diagnose and provide a perception as close as possible to reality, so we will not refrain from giving constructive feedback where necessary.


Innovative tactics

It offers a series of recommendations regarding promotion tactics through different channels and innovative tools.


Appropriate planning

Helps you create a coherent plan that links the goals of your organisation to the tactics needed for them, for an effort effectively invested.

Components of the analysis

Main competitors

We will analyze 5 relevant main competitors, which we will later determine. The analysis of each competitor includes: their promotional initiatives, the content distributed on social media channels, weak points, strengths.

Website audit

We will analyze how information is structured, the existence and efficiency of call-to-action points, load performance and speed, and other components specific to the various areas of activity of the organization.


We will conduct a basic SEO analysis to determine the search engine positioning of the website and brand.

Social Media

We will analyze the presence on social media channels, distributed content, interaction with followers, promotional initiatives and promotional campaigns.

Action plan

Finally, we offer an action plan detailing the analysis of the points mentioned above together with ideas, tactics and practical suggestions for improvement.

Previous clients

Informations regarding Digital Diagnosis 360


Over 10 hours of research and consultancy
Over 20 years of accumulated experience
Specialized analysis tools
Tested and validated methodologies.


The average time
required to conduct an analysis
is between 5-7 business days
from the date of its confirmation.



The cost of a
Digital Diagnosis 360 analysis
varies between €140-€350,
depending on the specificity and scope
of the company’s activity.

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