American Grill

American Grill is the only restaurant in Oradea that promotes the concept of fast-casual dining. Known for the unparalleled taste of its burgers as well as other American-style products such as cheesestakes or hot-dogs, the American Grill restaurant is a favorite gourmet location in Oradea. The Brandup Media team had the role of spreading this concept and linking it to the American Grill brand through various promotion channels, both online and offline. You can find some of our services and strategies below.

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Educate customers and potential customers about the restaurant concept.

Stimulate interaction between customer and brand and build an image based on transparency.

Promoting products and initiatives of the restaurant.

Content initiatives

Method of preparation and ingredients used

Presenting the products and special thematic nights

Review of the month: presenting the most authentic and beautiful reviews received.

Burger The Traveller

An initiative that aims to associate the American Grill burger with the image of Oradea and tourist or interest points. The content achieved had a major impact and was taken over by other social media pages dedicated to promoting Oradea.



Customer persona: making a thorough analysis of the profile of American Grill clients in order to understand their needs and preferences.

Analyzing the level of knowledge about the concept of the American Grill restaurant - fast-casual food - to measure the effectiveness of educational initiatives.