Our methodology


The first step towards solving a problem is analysing it. This could require an analysis of the market, product, client or competition in order to understand the current situation.


With a clear understanding of the current situation, the planning stage involves developing initiatives, ideas, content, strategies and other solutions based on the current business objectives.


In the implementation stage the created initiatives, idees and content will be applied. It could be an on-going implementation or during a fixed time period. The most important element of this stage is measuring the results.

Services Offered

Strategy planning (hours)


Media Content






Efficient marketing strategy


This stage brings insight into the current market. Some of the marketing analysis tools used are: SWOT, competitor analysis (based on different focus points: promotion channels, promotion initiatives, business model), client analysis and market analysis.

Strategy & planning

After we understand the current operating market, we start analysing the business objectives and come up with new strategies towards reaching these objectives.

Training & consultancy

With help from our skilled partners we help businesses increase the level of their teams and services offered while assisting with any problems encountered.

Innovative solutions and creative content


A neat, modern and well-structured design is one of the most efficient components of any business. The impact of a campaign, solution, product or service is directly reliant on the quality of its design.


Whether it's about product photography or interactive content for social media, you can rely on our team’s expertise and creativity.


Video content has a crucial role in the marketing mix. With the help of our partners we can help you create initiatives and generate video content in order to influence and build the image of your company.

web solutions

Preparing your business for the digital era with our internal team ready to respond to any maintenance request regarding an implemented solution along with our partners with vast experience in building websites and web applications.


Whether it's an online store of several dozen products or one of thousands of products, we offer you financially efficient solutions for your online business.

brand identity

According to Philip Kotler: “If you are not a brand you are a commodity”. As our name suggests, we believe in the importance of brand identity and we’re working with professional designers to create and communicate the correct brand perception.

interactive promotion

social media management

Social media is the most effective promotion channel of our generation. With internally developed methodologies and social media management platforms, we can help you communicate profitably through these channels.

Paid promotion

One of the most efficient promotion investments is paid promotion using Facebook Ads, Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads, which integrated into a coherent acquisition channel brings concrete and proven results.

e-mail marketing

Is one of the oldest digital marketing channels with an exceptional efficiency. Together with our clients we create and implement E-mail marketing strategies on different platforms such as: Mailchimp, ScendinBlue or other internal solutions.

inbound marketing

Is one of the most efficient medium-long term marketing strategies. It can be divided into strategies for client attraction, interaction and satisfaction. It’s a methodology applied through different platforms, such as Hubspot, the one we prefer.


Client interaction is a key factor for the success of a business. The latest automatization technologies can help your company optimise the response time and client satisfaction as well as create promotion campaign through these platforms.